About Multiplier

It has been a challenge for QA communities, to put heavy load on system under test for longer duration. If the tool used to generate load against system under test malfunctions midway, QA engineers finds it very difficult in large test setups to restart the test again and again as it is time consuming. That results in delay in schedule, affecting product release time.

Multiplier, provides uninterrupted long hour testing (like 7 days, 15 days , 1 month) for larger commercial products. Multipliers stability and meeting demands of long hour testing are far ahead than competitors in load testing / automation domain.

It is completely automated. Once configured, test suites are developed, probably next time onward it is just to start the test and monitor / analyse the result. Everything starting from test case development, test suite development, result analysis all you can do from easy web interface.

Load Multiplier follows a node distributed architecture. You can use multiple machines to generate more and more load. Please refer below diagram.


As you can see only one controller, talks to multiple multiplier machines. One multiplier machine, capable of executing one or more multipliers, and one multiplier can simulate one or more client/endpoint.

Using Multiplier you can test products in

  • Telecom
  • Fintech
  • Web / HTTP
  • Custom protocols either in text or in binary

Additionally you can use load multiplier as a wrapper over your client software to simulate real field traffic. This method helps to simulate actual field scenario.

To know more on this, please contact info@loadmultiplier.com.