Load Multiplier is a commercial load testing tool across domains. All the supported domains / standards are listed here. Load Multiplier is designed for high performance in a given hardware infrastructure. It internally uses hardware resources in a optimal way for high throughput. Of course, one should configure LM properly for optimal hardware usage and high performance.


✔ It is software based. You can use your own hardware and install Load Multiplier. Alternatively you may like to use our hosted platform to put load from cloud onto your system under test.

Web based front end. Load Multiplier offers light weight web interface front end. So it is easy to work with, just access web interface, configure / manage test entirely from web interface front en

C back end. The back end is mostly implemented in C, to have best possible throughput.

✔ If load requirement is low (less TPS or CPS), use smaller machine for Load Multiplier. If load requirement is high, go for high end blade servers.

Unlimited load. Load Multiplier is designed for distributed cluster based test setup. As you need more and more load, accordingly you may like to add more nodes to existing Load Multiplier cluster.

✔ Load your system from different geographical locations. If you want to simulate a scenario where you would like to load system under test from different geographical locations, it is well supported by Load Multiplier. Install Load Multiplier in different locations, configure test, start test from a single front interface and loading starts from all multipliers located in different geographical locations.

One tool many domains. As an organization, if you invest in Load Multiplier training and you have resources with Load Multiplier skill, you can load test applications across domains (HTTP, Telecom, VoIP, Media, Banking, Custom protocols, Any text call flows, Any binary call flows, for complete list refer here).

Online documentation. User manuals, examples are up to date and available online. This reduces your dependency on Load Multiplier support team.


You can setup Load Multiplier in a private network or in cloud depending on your requirement. Many of our customers use Amazon and Digital ocean machines to install Load Multiplier. When you setup Load Multiplier in cloud, you need to be aware of data usage cost, however you can avoid data usage cost by putting Load Multiplier and System under test in same subnet.