Multiplier License

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Multiplier License
Version - 1.0
Date 03-Feb-2016

Load Multiplier Pvt Ltd is referred as Company throughout this page.

Multiplier test framework is released under Multiplier license 1.0. The terms and conditions of Multiplier license 1.0 are listed below.

  • Users need to purchase lifetime commercial license or monthly subscription to use Multiplier, for more details please contact

  • Users should not tamper Multiplier software or any of its components including but not limited to all executables, system configuration files, database, license files, encryption mechanism etc in anyway for any kind of usage. However if you have commercial license, you are free to add / modify templates, test cases etc required for day to day work.

  • Users should not use any Multiplier library, plugins to develop any software on top of it or for any other purpose. If such case arises, user need to take approval from Company in writing.

  • Users should not try to hack or help hacking site in anyway.

  • Multiplier provides a test environment to help product testing. Company no way responsible for any kind of damage as result of Multiplier use in anyway.

If you have any concerns regarding license for a particular usage / situation, you may like to reach out to, one of our representative will assist you further.