Multiplier Cost

Load Multiplier is easy to use, affordable load testing tool. Cost depends on how many clients / endpoints you would like to simulate. Multiplier offers below licensing models as of now -
  1. Monthly license - Here you need to subscribe certain number of clients / endpoints. The minimum cost per month is USD $50. Maximum cost per month is USD $2500.

  2. ETT license - Here you need to pay as per tool actual usage. ETT stands for effective test time. Say you have used 1000 endpoints / clients for 30 hours. ETT = 1000 (endpoints) * 30 (hours) * 3600 (seconds per hour) = 108,000,000. Total cost for ETT 108,000,000 is USD $40.103.

  3. Life time license - You need to pay one time to avail life time license to use multiplier tool. For more details please contact at with your requirement details. One of our representative / partner will contact you. Please note that you should go for this option only if you have requirement to simulate large number of endpoints / clients like 100,000 or 200,000 or more.
Please see below table to get cost overview.

Monthly License Cost

Below table shows cost per month for certain endpoints. If you subscribe for one year, you get 20% discount. If your usage is high, you plan to use tool frequently, you should go for this option.
SerialEndpointsCost / Month (USD)
8100,000 +$2,500

ETT License Cost

The effective test time is calculated as
ETT = Endpoints * Number of seconds

If you have 1000 endpoints, you have used tool for 30 hour then ETT = 1000 (endpoints) * 30 (hours) * 3600 (seconds per hour) = 108,000,000. Now lets see how much it cost actually. Please note that more the ETT, more the discount. As you can see from below table total cost is USD $40.103. The below table shows slab wise cost with increasing discount at slabs.

This plan is useful for users who will be using tool once in a while. A typical ETT and associated cost is given in below table.

Cost calculation details

SerialETTDiscountPer unit costCostTotal cost

Total cost USD $40.103

As you see
Total ETT = 108,000,000
Total cost = USD $40.103

The total ETT is broken into certain slabs. Cost is calculated per slab, and finally cost for all slabs are added to get total cost. This is done to help users to pay less as they start using more and more high load on demand.

If you have any query, please mail us at or call us at +91 9164 20 22 21.