Load Testing Tools

In today's world you have plenty of load testing tools. The qualities that QA team looks matters the most. Some of the qualities QA team look in a load testing team are

  • Easy interface
  • Stability
  • Easy syntax to write test cases
  • Start / Stop / Monitor test as and when required
  • View previous test results

By default Load Multiplier supports above listed features. Existing load testing issues are addressed to make load multiplier a reliable load testing solution with below qualities

  • Multiplier load testing tool once started would not stop. It stops in two conditions, test completes or user explicitly stops the test.
  • Provides interface for test management - write test cases, start test, view test progress, end test, view previously completed tests all from web interface.
  • Syntax - load multiplier uses easy text based syntax, very logical, easy to remember and moreover from web interface you can get instant assistance as you start writing test cases.

Multiplier load testing solutions supports many protocols such as SIP, IMS, RTP, RTCP etc. And additionally HTTP/HTTPS (login, access a link, logout etc..) are supported as well.