Load Multiplier R3.01 Released on January 02, 2018

Load Multiplier an easy to use software load testing tool, version 3.01 is released on January 02, 2018. This release contains multiple new features and feature enhancements listed below.

New Features / Enhancements
  1. Enhancements to .CSV file support for dynamic data input capabilities.
  2. UDP retransmission enhancements.
  3. The audio / video bundle support for FlexiSIP.
  4. Upgrade of the script evaluation engine.
  5. Per websocket connection based template supported.
  6. Graphs phase II
    • The support for both the Dynamic as well as the Static Graph/s for all the modules. The user can choose which field/s are to be rendered/displayed.
    • The support for Summary Graphs in the result dashboard page itself.
  7. Multi-receive and special lua function call on receiving a matching message. With multi-receive support, users can configure Load Multiplier, to receive and process out of order / sequence messages as well.

For more details, send an email to info@loadmultiplier.com or skype ID: load_multiplier or Phone. +91 74 06 23 00 00 or +91-+91 91 64 20 22 21.