Load Multiplier - Overview

Load Multiplier, a leading provider of innovative software load / performance / stress testing tools including automation across domains, such has BFSI, Telecom, IoT, Web, Proprietary protocols, HTTP, Websocket, WebRTC, VoIP, SIP, IMS, RTP, SRTP, JSON, XML, STUN, TURN, ICE and few more. Please refer all supported modules page to know all use cases.

Simulate Servers, Clients, Gateways or B2B Agents using Load Multiplier and test your software product for functionality, load and performance.

High performance, easy interface in a typical general hardware setup (no proprietary hardware) are the guiding factors in Load Multiplier design. Front end through web interface, back end in complete C and high optimal design makes Load Multiplier unique among it's competitors.

You can use a single machine, cluster of machines, create a single test bed or multiple test bed it entirely depends on volume of load you want to generate. A typical multi-test-bed in Load Multiplier environment looks as below.

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Complete Testing Solution - Functional / Load / Performance

Take advantage of our long time testing expertise. You have standard software products, proprietary software products, how to test functionality, load, stress.., Do not worry, you leave it to testing experts for complete test setup, configuration and execution using Load Multiplier.

Complete Automation

You, as a distinguished product company, put best possible effort in shaping your product to be the best, and leave testing and automation to our experts. Load Multiplier in addition to providing testing solutions, offers a great and affordable automation framework you can rely on. You can simulate may different products at a time, a typical simulation setup looks as below.

Do you really need automation? Yes of course. See Automation - Is it Really Required blog.

Focus Areas / Domains

Load Multiplier testing solutions covers various domains / areas. Commonly used cases shown below.

Note - Under custom text / binary products, you can test call flows based on JSON, XML, EBML, H.323, DNS, DHCP and the list goes on.

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